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Jennie Willoughby reads her viral blog post “And So I Stayed” and gets emotional singing “She Used to be Mine” from the broadway musical Waitress.

(PERFORMANCE: Rising to the Occasion presents a "Really Big Show" to benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. At The Triad Theater, Manhattan, New York. October 6, 2019)

By focusing on the good, you endure the bad. Resilience is finding the lesson in sincere gratitude for the opportunity to learn.
Find peace in releasing any hope that things could have been different.
When we consciously choose to release old friends/relationships/habits, we make room for new ones to enter.

Healing is so much longer and harder when done alone or, worse, with the wrong people.
Your body heals from physical trauma, but emotional trauma must be healed separately.
Shame is a toxic emotion designed to keep you in fear and silence. The antidote to shame is speaking.

When emotions are overwhelming and energy is low, it's ok to scrap all the plans and be tender with yourself.
Hope became possible to me when I became aware of my thoughts and changed my words.
I experienced my first (and thankfully only) panic attack deep in the midst of my depression.

After thousands of strangers, it took one dear friend asking before I could finally process the question: "Are you ok?"
While in the midst of depression, you cannot adequately assess how low you are.
My depression was happy, optimistic, and sociable. But it was still Depression.

Those who know YOU and want the best for you will not tolerate unhealthy behaviors. Find your circle of support.
I hit rock bottom last November, but there were many steps leading up to this realization. A quick video on Recognizing Depression.


When old, unhealthy, coping mechanisms rear their ugly and unwelcome heads, often they are just calling attention to your suffering. Self-compassion in this time and recognition that these coping strategies no longer serve you is the best way to heal and move forward. Take it from me.

Trigger warning: TRUTH IN THE TRIGGER

Our outward reactions are reflections of our inner world. Instead of getting mad or defensive, stop and reflect on WHY someone/something triggers you. Conversely, allow compassion for the person who is triggered to express their own hurt rather than making it about you. It's never about you.

Ride the Wave: I AM HUMAN!

We are taught early on to avoid negative emotions. We are taught not to hate and not to show anger. But, emotions, hatred, and anger are all part of being human. We have the right to be human. It is what we do with those emotions that matters.


There is nothing in this world more important than your mental and physical health. All other things fail in comparison to being spiritually healthy. Sometimes you just need to stop trying to be king/queen of it all and Just. Let. Go.


All that we could ever need is already out in the universe just waiting for us to receive it. But to receive, we must also give. Just as matter is never created or destroyed, it is only transformed, so it is for Love.


Go authentic, or go home! No one wants to play games. Hell! No one even likes the games. You do you and the right people will love it.


The point at which you feel most stagnant and stuck is actually the jumping off point for your transformation.