M.Ed. in Brain-based teaching & Positive Behavior Intervention And Supports

B.S. in Bio-Chemistry

Mindfulness practitioner since 2005

Vipassana meditator since 2015

I'M A ROMANTIC OPTIMIST who loves dancing, singing, laughter, and conversations that make you question all that you are and all that you know.

Compassion, mindfulness and connection are my core desires as I write and speak about the joy and freedom of creating an intentional life.

It takes great strength and self-compassion to be able to own the dark and painful parts of your story and to step mightily into the light.  But I believe in the resiliency of the human spirit and the innate ability for you to reach your highest potential.

I believe in the goodness and kindness of all beings.  I believe in the power of adversity to transform us into stronger, more beautiful, more compassionate versions of ourselves.  I KNOW we are more than the sum of our past circumstances and choices.

How do I know this?

Because my life is made up of tiny moments of gratitude and awakening where I learned how to see light, hope, and faith in even the darkest nights of the soul.

It was with undying optimism that I arose from the neglectful family unit of an absent, addict father and a mentally-ill, single mother.
It was with radical acceptance that I endured caring for, covering for, and cleaning up after the blood of my suicidal mother. 
It was with sheer grace that I overcame self-destructive coping mechanisms with food, alcohol, and men.
It was with miraculous faith that I survived a near drug-overdose and an abusive marriage.

In exposing the embarrassing, destructive, sordid stages of my journey, I relinquish the claim these energies have on my present.  In owning and embracing my past, I step fully into the complete, imperfect, ever-evolving human I am.

I desire nothing more than for you to do the same. Wherever you are in your journey, I invite you to accept all that life has been teaching you.  Suspend your inner critic for a moment and allow the universe to speak to you of the joy, bliss, love, and beauty that your heart knows to be your birthright.  I will meet you there.


I have a feeling that my boat
has struck, down there in the depths,
against a great thing.
And nothing
happens! Nothing. . .Silence. . .Waves...

—Nothing happens? Or has everything happened,
and are we standing now, quietly, in the new life?
— Juan Ramon Jimenez, Oceans