The Shift.

Long led by your heart and your emotions, acceptance has finally arrived. Open to the energy. Open to the guidance. Open to the creation
of dreams
of abundance
of love
A life filled with purpose and meaning.
Be ready to teach others. Accept and embrace all that you encounter. Be willing to stop and redirect. Allow life to happen for you.
Be fearless.
Be bold.
Be aware.

The messages will come to you quickly. You must listen and act.

The signs are there should you need them. But trust all is transpiring for your good.  I designed this world for you. It is time to leave it behind.  You are no longer bound by worldly troubles.  You are now bound by a higher calling.

To create.

To be a beacon for those who look to you for hope and salvation. There is no worldly obstacle that can hold you now.   Be gentle with yourself as you make the transition.  The shift is powerful.  But you are ready for it.
Your words
your choices
your actions
they all add up to your mission.
Do not choose lightly.
Be on the look out for my direction.
Act on faith.  Act on my command.  Just act!

Do not be afraid of the power you possess. It will frighten many. But it is there to serve many more. You are uniquely prepared to serve. I made you with these gifts and desires. Now is the time to rise. Do not ignore this responsibility. What you will become is predicated on what you are willing to give. You are who you've been waiting for. 



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