The opposite of Hate.

People often ask me how I am able to forgive those who have made destructive and painful decisions impacting my life. They wonder how I can love someone who abandoned me, neglected me, lied to me, cheated on me, physically hurt me, or betrayed me.
It's true, I have lived through some tough times. I have extricated myself from some tough relationships. I have been subjected to some tough consequences of others' choices. But I choose not to harbor negative feelings because I spend a good deal of time praying, meditating, and willing my heart to love those who have hurt me.
I do this to create a space of healing. I do this to transform my hurt into love. I do this to avoid anger and hatred turning into indifference to the plight of any living being.
It becomes cancerous to your own soul if you allow your pain to override your concern for the wellbeing of another. Hurt people hurt people. And disregarding anyone's gentle, god-given, beautiful inner-child can only perpetuate the cycle. ✨Always always choose love.✨ 


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