Transformative Power of Love.

This is a picture of me and my ex-husband outside of the Oval Office. I blurred the frame not because you don’t know who he is, but because he is not the focus of this story.

The woman in this photo is lightyears from who I am today. How she showed up in the world is drastically different from the space I now hold. You can see her light shimmering under the surface but she has not yet learned how to wield that power. Her ability to model healing and teach peace is still being forged through trial and trauma. And it will be several years before she releases her grip on the life society wished for her.

I credit my marriage with a deep spiritual education on so many levels and I wouldn’t change it for anything. My work was and is mine alone to do. You see, self-compassion and forgiveness are personal guides toward truth and growth.

Many people question me or even fear for me that I would maintain a relationship with a man who caused me great pain and suffering. But his journey is his to own. Harboring hatred, judgment, and fear is a false strength designed to keep you small.

If there is a painful path you have been clinging to due to your own suffering and fear, I invite you to say a prayer of gratitude for what you learned. And join me in patiently bearing witness to the transformative power of Love. 💛✨ 


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